Oil and Gas Drilling Salary 2019

We recently conducted a research on the Nigerian drilling sector (Oil and Gas industry), and as a result we put together four major senior-level roles. Furthermore, we found that the oil and gas drilling salary ranged from N25,000,000 – N80,000,000 in annual gross salary. Above all, this scale falls on many important factors, including position, education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years spent in the profession.

drilling sector salary snapshot and guide

Average Salary of a Drilling / Completions Engineer (N25,000,000 – N35,000,000)

Drilling and Completions engineers work closely together. A Drilling/Completions Engineer can be employed onshore or offshore, either working for an operator, a service company, a specialist drilling contractor or a consultancy.

Experience Level

Most major employers of Drilling Engineers recruit potential employees through graduate schemes. Similarly, potential Drilling Engineers can gain valuable work experience under the supervision of experienced colleagues. Overall an experienced drilling/completions engineer is expected to have gathered good knowledge of offshore operations/ facilities and HSE/ regulations.

Average Salary of a Drilling Superintendent (N45,000,000 – N55,000,000)

The superintendent works closely with drilling engineering and completions teams, to drill for oil and gas in new or existing fields. The major responsibility is to ensure that all operations are effectively managed and planned to maximise return on an exploration.

Experience Level

An average superintendent should have had prior experience in drilling. With a minimum number of 15 – 20 years in roles such as drilling contractor, completions, supervisor, Senior drilling engineer, etc. Overall he or she is expected to have gathered knowledge in management, planning and execution of the entire drilling operations.

Average Salary of a Drilling Manager (N55,000,000 – N65,000,000)

A Drilling Manager often works in his or her private office. As a result, he or she schedules activities individually. Similarly, A drilling manager’s utmost responsibility is to ensure excellent drilling programs and performance from the employees.

Experience Level

Most drilling managers would have a minimum experience of 5 years in drilling operations and should also have been a supervisor for at least 5 years. Overall is expected to have gathered knowledge in management, planning and execution of the entire drilling operations.

Average Salary of a Well Engineering Manager (N70,000,000 – N80,000,000)

The Well Engineering Manager is responsible for providing well engineering technical and operational advice, guidance and services.

Experience Level

An average well engineering manager should have had prior experience in the oil and gas industry covering a broad range of job functions including Drilling Engineering, Completion Engineering, Drilling Supervision, Drilling Superintendent, Drilling Management etc.

All of the salaries mentioned in this research are an average, based on data we’ve collected from the candidates and clients we work with in the drilling sector. Hence, depending on the size of the organization, sector, the number of years’ experience and the number of direct reports, salaries may vary. If you’d like to find out more or have a query around Oil and Gas Drilling salary expectations, please get in touch with our team at hello@energitalent.com

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