Construction Accidents? Be Mindful of Them

To avoid construction accidents: Be mindful.  For every engineer who works in a construction site, remember this: “Safety is a state of mind. Accident is an absence of mind.” This quote perhaps summarizes everyone’s workplace safety, especially for engineers who are exposed to a lot of hazards at work. At construction sites, for example, with heavy equipment and busy work, it is imperative for civil engineers and its co-workers to be careful of the whereabouts of the job.

OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has regulations to minimize construction site risks – and true enough, accidents in the construction work are decreasing as time goes by. But accidents still exist, since not all regulations are followed by the workers, and there are still certain circumstances with factors that humans cannot control.

Among the many common injuries found in construction sites, listed here are 5:


When scaffolding are not properly erected, open sides and holes are not provided covers, ladders are not secured, and steel bars are not guarded, falls happen. This makes up 1/3 of fatalities on construction sites. This can be prevented by constantly checking safety procedures, like wearing harnesses as necessary.

Falling Objects

This is not entirely at the control of the worker, as tools and heavy equipment can fall from above anytime. While hard hats or skull guards are the first line of defense against falling objects, it pays to have a quick reaction time and vigilance while at the construction site. Be aware of the things directly above you.


Exposed live wires, high voltage overhead, or underground power lines can result to death in construction sites. Faulty tools or leads also lead to electrocution injuries which are fatal to workers. As much as possible, always set a safe working distance away from electrical and power lines. Insulating wires is also one of the best preventive measures, but only to be done by electricians or electrical engineers.

Chemical Injuries  

Construction sites can be also dangerous when there is exposure to hazardous and flammable chemicals. When you smell a certain gas that caused you a little headache, be alert and report to the safety officer. Same goes with hazardous chemicals that are lying around that can be detrimental to the health of the construction workers. 

Heavy Equipment 

A lose screw, a faulty brake, an uncontrollable crane, and a hurrying forklift can all end a life. It can be the controller or the equipment’s fault, but it can all be prevented by following all construction safety guidelines. Nearly 100 construction site workers die each year due to circumstances involving heavy construction equipment.