Reasons to Choose a Career in the Energy Industry

The energy sector is currently in a state of significant change with new technologies.

You may have considered that you want to choose a career in the energy industry. It’s also possible you have never thought about it but want to find out more. Here are five of the many reasons why you should make up your mind on this sector.

You can work in many different areas

A role in the retail energy industry can take on many different shapes and forms. This includes roles in customer services, energy sales, technical areas, digital and professional and business support functions. 

It’s constantly evolving

This industry is one of the most dynamic in the world. With innovation and technological advances ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Also, the rapid evolution of the industry means you’re always learning and growing.

In recent years technology plays a role in how we deliver energy services to customers. Innovations such as smart meters and mobile apps, mean more freedom and flexibility for our customers. 

There are many opportunities to progress

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to upskill and progress. You will also find ways to develop personally and professionally. These include skills such as charity work, volunteering, dedicated development programmes and internships.

You can work in different environments

Not all roles are office-based. Smart meter installers, for example, are field-based and work on the road. Many professionals also enjoy agile working, offering a flexible approach to work locations.

It is Challenging

The energy industry is regularly evolving and fast-paced. Those who work in it must keep pace with developments and changing consumer patterns. Hence, making it a thrilling market to work in, as you’re constantly learning and adapting. No matter what area you’re working in, no two days will be the same, which is what makes it so interesting.

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