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At Energi Talent Resourcing we aim to establish ourselves as an industry leader in specialist recruitment for the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors.

The Energi Talent Resourcing formula:

1. Get the right team
It's who you know. It's knowing the best people in their chosen field and building those direct relationships over many years. It's about creating a network of the chosen few, the best of the best and then (and only then) are they ready to work for Energi Talent Resourcing?

2. Invest in that team
By bringing together such connected individuals, investing in them to head practices and bring on the finest new talent, Energi Talent Resourcing has the capability, capacity and class that define us as the exception to the rule. We back this with the resources of a big company, enabling our team to do their jobs to the very highest standards.

3. Make promises and keep them
If we say we'll do it, we mean it. If we don't think we can help, we say so. It's about trust. The best, most productive relationships are based on it. It's what we live by.

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