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Energi Talent Resourcing  aim to be the leading provider of recruitment services to companies within the Oil & Gas and Power sector. We believe that we are more flexible, transparent and determined than some of our more established counterparts.

We strongly believe that Energi Talent Resourcing is a unique organization within the recruitment industry that can offer an unparalleled service within its field.

With real industry expertise across all sectors of the Oil & Gas and Power market, Energi Talent Resourcing prime focus is on ensuring that we are truly committed to sourcing the best talent for our clients.

We believe with our powerful insight we are also well positioned to support our clients and candidates through the challenges as well as great opportunities ahead and with the power of insight we can help guide hiring practices, strategies for retention/mapping of top talents in an evolving and dynamic environment. We also offer free consultation on career progression and navigating through a complex and exciting job market.



Employers tend to ask 80-100% of the questions listed below. In answering these, candidates need to always align their answers with the expectation of the employer in terms of the business/organization and how the candidate will fit.

Technical competency/experience is not the only yardstick used in measuring candidate suitability for a position; increasingly employers are using other intangibles like cultural/organization fit to determine the employability of an applicant for the job. From the feedback we get from our talented hires during employer discussions, here are 15 most reoccurring questions asked at interviews:

1. What do you know about the company?

2. Why do you want to leave your current company?

3. Why are you interested in this position?

4. What skills could you bring to the job?

5. What do you like doing best/least in your current role?

6. What do you consider to be your strengths/weaknesses?

7. What is your greatest achievement?

8. Do you prefer to work in a team or alone?

9. Can you work under pressure? Describe an incident where you have had to do so.

10. How would you handle difficult clients/customers?

11. How do you like to be managed?

12. Where would you like to be in five years?

13. What salary are you looking for?

14. What are you leisure interests?

15. Why should I employ you in this position?

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