Sources said Tuesday that Nigeria’s state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is drafting a preliminary list of recipients for the country’s much-delayed direct sale of crude oil and direct purchase of products program (DSDP) for 2017, but details on allocated volumes and specification changes are still being decided, Platts reports.

Sources also indicated that the new tender will now kick off in July instead of May and the current DSDP program has been extended to cover May and June. Under the DSDP model, selected overseas refiners, trading companies and indigenous companies are allocated crude supplies in exchange for delivery of an equal value of gasoline and other refined products to Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.

Sources said the current list consisted of 10 pairs, with one company responsible for procuring the refined products in exchange for the crude oil which will be allocated by a company that is currently under the NNPC 2017 crude oil term contracts. For example, one of the pairs on the list includes Vitol and Varo Energy. Varo is currently under the 2017 NNPC crude oil term contract, and will provide crude to Vitol in exchange for refined products.